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Pet's First Aid Kit


Pet First Aid Kit basic


This kit is a must have for any pet owner for emergencies or everyday accidents. It should contain gloves, a plastic dropper, tweezers, scissors, roller gauze, ice pack, hot pack, combine surgical pads ( to soak up bodily fluids), an emergency blanket, triple anti-biotic gel (or healing salve) telfa bandages, a styptic pencil, cotton tip applicators, a tongue depressor, and flashlight.

Bandanas (wrap wounds, broken bones, bandage, identify animals, lifting aide)


Herbal salves (see products for sale page)

All Purpose Healing Salve

Plantain salve

Carpel Tunnel (sprains, anti-inflammatory)



Devils claw-swelling, arthritis

Willow bark-pain, inflammation

Meadowsweet-pain, inflammation


Yarrow- bleeding

Blackberry leaf-diarrhea

Plantain leaf- Diarrhea (extreme), stings, wounds.

Milk thistle Tincture- Poisening


Essential oils

Lavender- bug bites, infections, burns

Tea tree- infection in wounds.


Flower Essences

Rescue remedy- for shocking situations.


Put this kit together yourself or purchase one in a nice black case for $120.00. 10% of the profits from the purchased kit go to a no-kill animal shelter!


Herbs for Animals

Elderberry- West nile disease in horses

Solomon's seal- arthritis or hip dysplasia

Nettles- dogs and cats with kidney infections/stones, arthritis, under-nourishment.

Oatstraw- nervous dogs and cats who bite their skin or pull out hair.

Horsetail- animals that scratch or bite at skin until it bleeds.

Garlic- bug repellant, do not give large amounts to horses.

Yarrow- bleeding or fever

Burdock- dry, flaking skin


Aromatherapy for Animals

Lavender- calming and soothing to all animals

Chamomile- good for new puppies and kittens who tear things apart or for the animal with seperation anxiety.

Patcholi- Skin disorders

Fennel- rubbed on stomach can decrease flatulance in dogs (diluted).




Herbal Flea Powder

2 cups cornstarch

1 cup slippery elm powder

1 cup finely ground lavender flowers

1 cup rosemary

1 cup daisy fleabane herb

1/2 cup basil

1 tablespoon garlic powder.

Mix ingredients in a ziplock and apply to pets once a week for optimal protection.


Ear Mite oil

1 oz. Garlic- infused olive oil

Rosemary essential oil 2 drops

Rue essential oil 2 drops

Cedar essential oil 2 drops.

Ad the essential oils to the garlic infused oil and add 2-4 drops of oil to the animals's ears. Make sure to treat all animals at the same time because ear mites jump from pet to pet.






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